Why Turkey?

“Why do you want to live in Turkey?”

We have heard that question more than a few times since we decided to move here, and especially since we got here. It’s a fair question, I suppose.

There are lots of reasons why we want to live here. At the top of the list is giving our family an opportunity live in and learn a new culture and language. For the longest time, I have always wanted to live in a foreign culture and I have always wanted the opportunity to raise my family in a foreign culture. Stepping out of our normal to find a “new normal” is appealing. We enjoyed and appreciated our life in America, but we knew it would broaden our worldview and grow us as individuals and as a family if we lived in a new culture.

Turkey is a place with great historical and cultural significance. That much is evident from its architecture and even a cursory knowledge of world history. Byzantium, Constantinople, Istanbul. These names bring ancient and modern history with them. I’m fascinated by this and deeply intrigued by this place.

These photos are another aspect of our desire to live internationally as a family. Our kids have lived in a small town and in a big city. Their experience in a big city was nothing compared to life in a city like Istanbul. We have only just arrived, but it feels like we have arrived at the edge of many beautiful discoveries – discoveries of history, culture, and language. There is much we don’t know, but one thing is clear: we will never be the same.

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