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Food in Turkey

“Strange” and “normal” are often in the eye of the beholder. This is especially true when it comes to food and drink. I have often heard from people who have lived in Turkey or visited here that the food is excellent. In some countries or regions of the world, there are, let’s say, interesting foods and drinks. I have tasted a few of those things over the years. I never heard of any seemingly strange foods in Turkey. To my sensibility, there is a much lower learning curve here than in many places in the world when it comes to local cuisine.

On the Menu

I have been excited to share some of my discoveries, but truth be told, I wasn’t sure how best to share them. So what I think I’ll do is share little bits at a time, as I discover it myself. I’ll make this an ongoing series called On the Menu. In this series, I’ll share about the food and/or drink item, the cost and current conversion rate, and what I think of the menu item(s).

Today, I’ll start with something very simple, affordable, and familiar. It is called “Tost.” That’s not a type – it is a Turkish word. In this case, it is a grilled cheese sandwich. It came with a small side of fries and a couple of slices of cucumber and tomato.


  • Sandwich, fries, veggies – 15 TL / $1.08
  • Tea, bottle of water, fresh squeezed juice – 29 TL / $2.09

Worth It?

Yes. My goodness. The food and drink is fresh and good quality. As an American who has been living here for only one month, this dish is quite similar to something I would find at home, so it is that much more comforting. If I need a simple, quick, inexpensive, but tasty meal, this is one thing I can definitely choose.

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