Living in the City with Kids

Before we moved to Turkey I heard a lot about culture shock and culture stress. So many things would be different for us in our new host country than in America. We did our best to try to find out what to expect so that we could be more prepared. Some of that helped. Some things you just can’t prepare for. One of those things you can’t really prepare for is going from living in a small town to living in a mega city.

Thankfully, Istanbul is a livable place for us. We love the public transit options. Our neighbors are kind. When I speak a little basic Turkish I get glowing responses from many people. But there are still the challenges of living in an ultra urban environment. I’ll write more about culture shock and culture stress, as well as about living in the city as a whole in a future post. Today, I simply wanted to share a glimpse of our city that makes me really happy.

This amazing park is the Maltepe Sahil. It is a gem in our city. I was shocked by how many playgrounds there are. A special treat here is the hedge maze shown in the picture. It is quite large, but manageable. It is a wonderful place to get some fresh air, meet new friends, and appreciate some scenery. Beyond all of the playgrounds, there are uncountable amounts of picnic tables and grassy areas, as well as a bike and running pathway along the water.

Sometimes the city can be a little claustrophobic, but there are ways to remedy that. Istanbul is really quite a remarkable place to call home.

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