Just Imagine

Sunset over the Bosphorus in Istanbul

For now, I am sharing beautiful photos I have found on Unsplash of our future home. As the title for this post suggests, we are dealing heavily in “what ifs” and “can’t wait untils” and “I wonders” right now. We have always wanted to raise our family in a new culture and language. Even from our current distance to life abroad, there is so much excitement and a little apprehension. Comfort is comfortable and moving to a new culture will be uncomfortable. But as we learn about Turkey and the rest of the region, we are blown away by the history and cultural significance from one end of the Silk Road to the other.

For now, we dream and plan. Before long, we will be packing our things and taking our family to a new land. We will share what we can in the meantime, and once we get there, we’ll be able to share even more as we our feet underneath us.

Thanks for following along with us. It is a joy to get to share this journey with you.

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