We’re Finally Home!

The Duffel Bag Saga Comes comes to an end. These bags have loomed large in our family’s life for the last 6 months. They have been a sort of bookmark in our life. It was quite the journey getting them from America to Turkey, but we are here.

We had been looking at apartments on Sahibinden (which is sort of like a mix between Zillow and CraigsList) for weeks leading up to our move. We couldn’t take any action on a place until we were in-country, but it was good to know what we might expect. Once we were in-country, it took us 2 days to find our apartment and sign the rental agreement.

We found a new-build place in a good area with an easy walk to the Metro. It was a great find and we are so excited to have our home!

It was a true joy to see the movers pull up with a load of home furnishings we had bought ahead of time. The only stuff we brought in-country from America was in the aforementioned duffel bags. This truck was loaded down with a “household,” which included everything from furniture, to furnishings, to toys, etc.

Now that we are finally in our new home, we are starting to get adjusted to life in a new culture. We are so excited to be here. We have so much to learn, but it will be good process.

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