A Blizzard in Istanbul

Last week an incredible blizzard blew through Istanbul and seemingly everywhere else. There were reports of as much as 31” (80cm) of snow in some parts of the city. We only saw a comparatively small amount in our area. But in a city of 16 million people, there’s no way to carry on like normal when that kind of weather arrives. Many businesses stayed open, which surprised me. The footing was treacherous however. Snow became slush became rough ice. A handful of days into the storm, our front walkway to our building was completely covered by a layer of 3” of ice. Eventually a pair of city workers were deployed with industrial-sized ice scrapers to break it all up and clear the walkway. It was beautiful and peaceful, but about the same time it seemed like everyone everywhere was starting to get Covid. We got it in our family too. And then I had some dental emergencies (which I’ll share more about in a future post). A blizzard, covid, and dental emergencies all at the same time. It was a rough week. We survived it though, so we are thankful. Things are looking up!

It is nice to be back in a place that can experience all 4 seasons. I have missed the snow (but not so much that I want a lot of it – I’m good for now). For now, I just wanted to share a glimpse of our city from our view in last week’s storm.

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